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Partner with us to prevent violence against vulnerable populations

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Partner with us:

Founded in South America, Peace and Hope, (known as Paz y Esperanza in Spanish), is a Christian international human rights organization committed to integral mission, peacebuilding and promoting justice. We work in Latin America alongside individuals, families and communities in poverty, so that they can live with dignity, free from violence and injustice.

Your support will help us continue working for justice and true restoration, seeking to transform local legal, educational and social structures, and to defend the hidden victims of injustice.

PHI carries out its mission through local teams that are actively:

* Providing free and competent legal representation as well as psychological and educational support to survivors of violence.

* Providing support for women and children who are survivors of sexual violence and abuse.

* Preventing all kinds of violence against women and children.

* Providing educational support for deaf children in Moyobamba, Peru.

*Supporting the peace process in Colombia.

*Cultivating Indigenous churches that have a strong self-identity, rooting their Christian practices in their own contexts and working as agents of change in the Creator’s work of reconciling all things.

*Responding in love to migrants and refugees due to the crisis in Venezuala.

* Equipping parents and teachers to support the healthy development of children with different abilities.

* Training indigenous leaders to be able to defend the rights of communities that have been historically relegated.

*Caring for creation through a variety of projects, including our organic farm, modeling sustainable agriculture in the Central Highlands of the Andes as well as in the Amazon.

*Providing training, workshops, and support for churches and communities to be equipped to know how to respond to violence in their communities.

* Empowering local communities to be prepared to respond to natural disasters, and in this current season, to respond to crisis needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to your partnership with us, as Peace and Hope continues to expand throughout Latin America. Learn more at