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PHI is a justice non-profit organization located in Pomona, NY. We are passionate for pursuing justice and holistic care on behalf of vulnerable populations, especially children and women Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador.

Your support will help us continue working for justice and inclusion as we carry out programs that seek to transform local legal, educational and social structures, and to defend the hidden victims of injustice.

PHI carries out its mandate through local teams that are actively:

* Providing free and competent legal representation as well as psychological and educational support to survivors of violence.
* Providing shelter for women and children who are survivors of sexual abuse.
* Preventing all kinds of violence against women and children.
* Providing educational support for deaf children in Moyobamba, Peru.
* Equipping parents and teachers to support the healthy development of children with different abilities.
* Training indigenous leaders to be able to stand up for the rights of communities that have been historically relegated.
* Empowering local communities to be prepared to respond to natural disasters.

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