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Support Deaf Children in Peru

Thank you for helping us serve and empower children as we work to remove barriers to education in sign language!!

$11,365 raised

$18,000 goal


Partner with us:

We invite you to partner with Peace and Hope International in providing education for deaf children in the Amazon region of Peru. This component of Peace and Hope helps deaf children gain confidence and skills to become fully included in their families and communities and affirms the fundamental rights of deaf children.

Your support will allow the Peace and Hope team of local experts to continue offering much needed education and other services to support and protect deaf children in the region, and promote inclusion as they carry out projects that seek to transform local educational, cultural and social structures that cause deaf children to be highly vulnerable to extreme poverty and violence, preventing deaf children from reaching their full potential.

Check out this video to meet Sherley, who joined our program when she was a little girl.

You can also see here how our children interact in a regular day to day life as well as the phenomonal video below.

Thank you for your support! Gracias!