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$1,000 goal

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Running for the deaf children in San Martin, PerĂº.

My name is Benjamin Tse. On Saturday October 15th, I will be joining The Running Warrior 5K in Nyack, NY, but how is that special? Well, I will be partnering with Peace and Hope International to raise funds for the deaf children in San Martin, PerĂº, and I would love for you to be part of this as well! My desire is to raise $1,000 until the end of this month to provide for the needs of these children.

A little more about me:
I am an undergraduate student at Nyack College from Penang, Malaysia and currently double-majoring in Business Administration and Mathematics. I love to run, meet new people, and explore the unknown.

The world needs a revival! I truly desire to witness cities transformed, bridges built, and hearts softened. I want to use my God-given talents to for His glory! It is an honor to be part of this great cause for the underprivileged children.

A little more about the work with the deaf children:
In 2011 Peace and Hope started a holistic program to serve persons with disabilities, especially deaf children, who not being able to communicate with their family and other children, many times don't attend school; and the few who dare to attend cannot understand what the teachers are saying. Most of those children live in poverty and their parents don't know how to help them.

More than 70 deaf children and adolescents receive sign language classes in the three classrooms in Nueva Cajamarca. Peace and Hope is also working on raising awareness among public school teachers, offering them to sign language classes (also free of cost) so that they can understand their deaf students.

Our current challenge is to equip the rooms with adequate chairs and tables according to the children's size and age; fix the very deteriorated electrical installations; improve the illumination; replace the flooring that has been damaged by the humidity with better quality flooring; fix the wooden walls that are damaged; replace the very old blackboards; build cabinets to store the children's works and files; and buy soccer, basket and volley balls for the children to play.

Most of the children come from remote locations and families in extreme poverty, on average it takes them three hours to get to their sign language class. They say that they are glad to do it because they love what they are learning to communicate their thoughts and their feelings to their parents and siblings, and their teachers.

During the last weekend of September, Peace and Hope joined the worldwide celebration of Deaf awareness weekend.

If you have any questions, please don't doubt in contacting me!

Thank you in advance for your support.,